Article | What anti-corrosion products can preserve heavy-duty machinery?

We discuss the implications of rust on heavy-duty machinery, and look at the anti-corrosion maintenance solutions offered by NCH Asia-Pacific in our informative insights article.

What is anti-corrosion?

Anti-corrosion is the process of protecting metal to avoid corrosion caused by exposure to corrosive environments, materials or gases.

Corrosion occurs when metal is in an atmosphere or in contact with a material that can cause a chemical reaction with air and water. The effects of this include rust forming on the surface material which is problematic, particularly for heavy-duty machinery and within industrial environments. This article explains the effects of corrosion on heavy-duty machinery and how NCH Asia-Pacific’s anti-corrosion products prevent corrosion and increase the efficiency of your machinery.

The implications of rust on your machinery

While household corrosion is usually only a result of a natural process, machinery can be affected by many different variables, these are:

1. The natural environment – if the equipment is outside and exposed to the weather without any anti-corrosion protection, rusting is probable and deterioration occurs at a much faster rate.

2. Machining – the machining process itself can also cause corrosion. Water is often used to reduce dust and gases emitted in the machining process. The moisture formed reacts with metal parts, causing a corrosive environment.

3. The product – materials used in machining processes can also be detrimental to your machinery and corrosion can occur as a result.

The implications are widespread and can affect many elements of your business, such as having to replace equipment, product contamination, damage to other equipment, amongst many other things. This can increase costs, reduce profits, damage reputation and lose custom. For the reasons listed and many more, it is essential to maintain your machinery correctly.

NCH Asia’s anti-corrosion maintenance solutions

Rust can cause extensive damage to not only your machinery but to the business as a whole. Correct maintenance can be the difference between being profitable this year or not. At NCH, we have a three-step process to ensure that the correct steps are being taken to prevent machinery corrosion:

1. Prepare – the most important step of this process is to ensure that any loose rust is identified and removed, once this is completed apply the NCH industrial degreaser to remove any contaminants in preparation for step 2.

2. Treat – NCH has a variety of anti-corrosion products (click here to find the right one for you) that you should apply to completely remove or ensure long-term protection from rust.

3. Protect – this process must be done regularly to prevent rust from returning unless it has been encapsulated. The NCH aerosol products are a fast and effective way of doing this.

NCH Asia-Pacific are experts within the anti-corrosion industry. Get in touch with us to enquire about the most suitable product for your machinery.

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