Case Study | Cooling Water System Inefficiency_Insurance & Financial Services_ Chem Aqua/Water Treatment

Insurance and Financial Services Company Achieves Water System and WCPU Units Efficiency

Our customer is one of the leading insurance and financial services companies in Malaysia. The customer was experiencing the following issues:

• Active algae growth in the cooling tower leads to additional cleaning costs.
• Faulty auto-dosing chemical pump and dysfunctioning controller
• Storage and chemical handling issue
• High energy and water costs due to the low efficiency of the cooling water system

Scales will form in the condenser tube from time to time due to mineral deposition as a result of high temperature in the WCPU and high COC of cooling water. Scale build-up impacted the heat exchange efficiency of WCPU, thereby consuming more electricity (Amps) to achieve the same cooling effects of a clean condenser tube.

NCH implemented water treatment solutions for their cooling towers and WCPU units. We installed aquaDART, bioDART, and Handichem to facilitate water and energy savings, system integrity, system life elongation, and consistency in water chemistry.
We were able to achieve the following outcomes for the customer:

WCPU Energy Efficiency & Optimisation
• AHU 1C, 9A & 12B average Amp readings have initially dropped significantly and remained plateau regardless of the occupancy rate in the building where the customer’s office is located.
• AHU 3A, average Amp reading increased slightly and reached a plateau as level 3, which was previously under-utilized, received more occupants. This proved that cooling tower and WCPU unit efficiency and performance remained resilient at any occupancy rate.
• Removal of scale, sludge, and slime with online descaling and bio-flushing with bioeXile.
• Visual evidence (whitish-grey) of scale, debris, and corrosion product accumulated in the cooling tower basin after flushing.
• Microbiol, slime, and algae growth didn’t occur for 4 months.
• The cooling tower hot deck appearance is clean and doesn’t require any additional physical cleaning ever since we undertook pretreatment flushing.
• The customer witnessed RM 300/month savings on physically cleaning of cooling tower hot deck.

Water Cycle Optimisation
• Optimization of cooling tower conductivity from 410 uS/cm to 1,100 uS/cm, leading to an increase in water cycle from 5 to 10.

Safety, Health & Sustainability
• Easier and less hazardous chemical handling and storage.
• Zero Legionella outbreak.
• The application of HandiPak 55 solid chemical treatment, eliminated the need for liquid chemical jerry cans. It also contributed no zinc to the effluent, hence improving the initiative for green building.


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