Article | The Importance of Commercial Maintenance During COVID-19


Through the pandemic many commercial properties may have stood empty or opened with a reduced number of staff. Regardless of the number of people entering the building while in lockdown or running with minimum staff, the building itself still requires maintaining, and additional practices to be put in place to ensure the risk of COVID-19 is minimized as things begin to open up again.


Now more than ever, hygiene is a top priority for all businesses to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep the business running as much as possible. Thorough and regular cleaning and disinfection requires planning ahead, and it can be a complex area when it comes to resources and which products will suit your business needs. NCH Asia Pacific offers a full cleaning and maintenance service tailored to your business, ensuring peace of mind that your working environment is clean and hygienic, while saving time and money which can be used for other aspects of reopening or maintaining the premises.


A clean ventilation system is essential to running a COVID safe commercial property, and regular maintenance for your HVAC systems has never been more important. As buildings may be standing empty for some time, potentially harmful bacteria and microorganisms may have grown during the dormant periods, and will require a thorough HVAC cleaning program to ensure safety and efficiency within the business all year round.


While your commercial property remains empty or low use, it is good practice to keep water flowing to help keep the water system in good condition. Bacteria will build up in little used water systems, which may include potentially harmful bacteria such as Legionella, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease.

NCH Asia Pacific offers a range of water treatment solutions to help reduce or eliminate contamination, inefficiency and poor operation in cooling towers, water tanks and boilers. In addition to this our services include wastewater treatments to eliminate bad odors caused by stagnant water and clogged drains.


While buildings stand empty or production is reduced, issues may arise within dormant machinery such as seizing, leaks, mold, dust build up and more which may lead to inefficiency, machinery damage, or safety issues for staff.

It is as important that machinery is maintained during these quieter times as it is to keep the building itself safe and secure. NCH Asia Pacific offers machinery maintenance and cleaning solutions to suit every business, with expert technicians who can ensure full compliance for your commercial working environment.

Maintaining Building Safety

Though much time and effort will be needed to establish new cleaning and hygiene standards, it is important not to forget regular commercial property management requirements while a building is empty or on low use.

These may include:

  • Gas safety inspections
  • Security monitoring
  • Fire detection and sprinkler system checks and maintenance
  • Electrical safety inspections

As new post-COVID working practices begin to become the norm, commercial properties will need to be prepared well in advance. With the possibility of opening and closing at short notice being the norm for some time to come, use any downtime to refresh risk assessments, maintenance plans, and hygiene and cleaning routines to ensure your business thrives in a safe and secure working environment.

NCH Asia Pacific is dedicated to helping commercial businesses create safe, efficient working environments and working with your maintenance department to offer the best solution for any commercial property. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support your business through COVID-19.

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